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Boosting immunity with simple Yoga Asanas

As various diseases and ailments like cancer, Covid and coronary heart diseases are on the rise, resorting to healthy lifestyle changes has become more of a necessity than a choice. As per the experts from the best cancer treatment clinic in Noida, this is very important as it helps to boost your immunity, which happens to be the first line of defence against many diseases and ailments. A healthy immune system can not only help to fight infection but also help to alleviate the associated risks and complications. Drinking kadhas and staying indoors is not enough. It’s time to pull up your socks and indulge in activities that keep both your body, as well as your immunity in shape. 

Now, the question is how can exercise help improve your immunity? Well, staying active and indulging in different kinds of physical activities daily supports your overall strength and health. Especially yoga, which is an age-old technique that has been helping people stay healthy for centuries. Experts from various corners of the world have even suggested that it can help you to fight Coronavirus. 

Covid-19 can lead to inflammation in your lungs and yoga is known for its anti-inflammatory benefits. Not only this, the ongoing situation is very stressful for all of us and it has become very important to focus on our mental peace. Yoga can help you to fight stress-related diseases. All these benefits are enough for you to incorporate yoga into your daily routine. 

Here are a few yoga asanas, as listed by Dr. Vikas Goswami, the best cancer specialist in Noida, that you should definitely try at home

Anulom Vilom - It is one of the most popular and easy breathing exercises that does not require any effort at all. You just need to close one nostril and inhale through the other one. Inhale through the left nostril while pressing on your right nostril with the help of a finger and slowly exhale through the right nostril by removing it.


Salamba Bhujangasana - This yoga Aasan is extremely easy for those who are already aware of the cobra pose. All you need to do is lie down on your stomach and stretch out your toes. While using your arms, gently raise the upper half of your body. While Cobra pose is performed while keeping the arms straight, Salamba Bhujangasana is performed with bent elbows

Matsyasana - Also known as the fish pose, the asana can prove to be very helpful in the management of your back problems and can also do wonders for your immunity. It can also improve belly and throat function by healthy simulation. You simply need to lie down on your back and slowly lift your chest while keeping your legs and arms on the ground. In case you are finding it difficult to keep your legs straight, you can perform the same cross-legged or with your knees bent.


Vrikshasana - Commonly referred to as the standing tree pose, this is known to work on improving your balance and stability along with your immunity. To perform this asana, you need to stand upright, bend your right knee and balance your foot with the help of your left thigh as shown in the picture. You can join your hands together to hold a namaste either above your head or in front of your chest.

Nadi Shodhana - Just like Anulom Vilom, in which you breathe through alternate nostrils, Nadi shodhana also involves breathing movements. The only difference is that you need to hold your breath for a few seconds before letting it out. Avoid making sounds during breathing and try to be as silent as you can. You should, however, avoid performing the asana if you have the symptoms of the common cold


If you are planning to incorporate any of these in your daily routine, it is important to discuss the same with your doctor, especially if you have any ongoing medical condition.