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Chemotherapy : 4 Important Things You Should Know Before Starting It

Chemotherapy is one of the most common treatment modalities used in the management of a wide array of malignancies. It involves the use of a combination of drugs, which may be given orally or intravenously, to target and destroy the cancer cells. You must have read a lot about chemotherapy and how it works, but today we are going to enlist four important things that every patient needs to know before starting their chemotherapy session, with the help of Dr. Vikas Goswami, Zeeva Oncology

Don't just stick to one treatment modality: Cancer cells can mutate over time and this is the reason why the treatment plan is changed over time. Your first biopsy helps to give the initial diagnosis, based on which treatment plan is devised. However, as cancer spreads, the cells can undergo many changes, giving rise to the need for new treatment modalities. As your prognosis changes, regular assessments are a must to make sure that your treatment plan is yielding the best results for you. 

Don't compare your chemotherapy experience with anyone else - If you have anyone in your family or friends, who has undergone chemotherapy and has shared his/her experience with you, do not get your thoughts aligned. Every experience is unique and based on various factors,  including the type and stage of cancer. While some people may develop rashes others may experience fatigue and hair loss. Some might even experience a combination of two or more symptoms. Cancer treatment specialists in Noida suggest that every person reacts to the treatment in a different way and it is due to this very reason that the dose of chemotherapy varies from person to person. 

It is normal to feel numbness in your limbs - It is normal to feel weakness or numbness in your arms or legs right after you start your chemotherapy session. Commonly referred to as neuropathy, this is an experience by many people undergoing chemotherapy and it usually reaches its peak within a period after 3 to 6 months. Once you stop the treatment, the problem will gradually fade away. It is due to these very reasons experts emphasize eating a nutritious diet during chemotherapy. 

The side effects of chemotherapy can get worse with each cycle - Beating cancer is not easy and the treatment, too, can be a little harsh sometimes. Experts usually warn the patients about the side effects which makes it easier to deal with the same. You may start feeling weak and exhausted, as the drugs enter your system and start fighting the cancer cells. No doubt chemotherapy can be hard, but with the right care and guidance, and a little positivity you can easily manage the side effects.

Remember the fight is not easy but it will end soon. Stay positive and book an appointment with Zeeva Oncology experts, for unparalleled care and guidance.