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What Are Some of The Most Common Treatments For Cancers?

Cancer has become one of the most common diseases affecting a large number of population across the globe. In India alone, nearly 1.16 million new cancer cases are reported every year. While a cancer diagnosis can overwhelm anyone, it also gives a short span of time to make critical decisions, such as selecting the therapies and oncology treatment in Noida.

Some many procedures and drugs can effectively treat cancers. Local treatments like surgery and radiation therapy are performed to treat a specific tumour or part of the body. But systemic treatment programs, such as chemotherapy, targeted and immunotherapy, can spread throughout the body to treat cancer cells wherever they are.

But there are more than 100 types of cancers and can be docile or aggressive. Also, every cancer responds differently to treatments and can never follow a universal “One treatment works for all” approach. The best treatment option varies from patient to patient and depends on cancer’s type, location and stage.

That’s why most patients feel clueless about what path to choose for their therapeutic journey or don’t even know what to expect. This fear, anxiety and uncertainty surrounding the cancer treatment decisions can only be overcome by awareness.

At Zeevaoncology, Dr Vikas Goswami take a patient-centric approach for patient awareness and involve them in the decision making process regarding their treatments. As one of the best oncology hospital in Greater Noida, we take it upon ourselves to equip every patient and their families with all the relevant information about the cancer treatment modalities and help them with uniform decision making.

Here are some of the most common cancer treatments available:

Surgical Treatment:

Surgery is often the first line of choice in a majority of cancer cases. It's a cancer treatment that requires various invasive techniques and approaches to remove as many cancer cells as possible. These procedures are often used in combination with medical and radiation therapy to yield better outcomes.

However, it is not viable for everyone and the type of surgery, as well as the whole treatment program, is devised in accordance with the shape, size, and location of the tumour, as well as the stage of cancer.


Also known as chemo, it’s one of the most common types of cancer treatment. In this therapy, chemical drugs are used to destroy cancer cells as they grow and divide quicker than healthy cells. It's a non-invasive program that improves the treatment outcomes by targeting cancer cells that have come back or spread to other parts of the body.

Also, Dr Vikas Goswami reviews the possibility of combining various treatments to improve the outcome. While neoadjuvant chemotherapy is delivered before surgery or radiotherapy to stop or shrink cancer, adjuvant chemotherapy is delivered after primary treatment to destroy the remaining cancer cells.