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Cancer Genetics Counselling & testing


Cancer Genetics Counselling & testing

Cancer Genetic Counselling & testing is important to help you and your loved ones understand the risks of inherited cancers that tend to run in families. This works by assessing and evaluating your medical history, as well as your family’s medical history. This is followed by detailed screening and testing. If our experts feel that there is any need for such tests, they will guide you and help you make an informed decision related to whether you should opt for any such test or not.

  • For those detected with cancer, genetic testing can help to devise a proper treatment and management plan
  • For those who do not have cancer yet, genetic testing can help to determine the risks of the same.

What happens during genetic counselling?

  • Our counsellor will assess your family’s medical history and ask you questions related to the same, as well as your personal medical history. Knowing about the cancers that run in your family helps our specialists to figure out the ones that you are more vulnerable to.
  • Our experts will explain all the risks to you in detail, and help you decide what needs to be done next. This also helps you to understand what changes you need to make in your lifestyle or what precautions are to be taken to lower your risks of acquiring any such cancer.
  • You will be informed about the estimated cost and time that may be involved along with the risks and benefits of the testing.
  • The genetic tests can vary and different tests may be required for different types of cancer.
  • After the test, our experts will help you understand the test results in detail.

When the result is positive.

A positive result indicates that cancerous gene mutations are present and you have higher chances of acquiring certain cancers. Positive tests do not necessarily mean that you will acquire cancer, however, it surely means that you fall in the risk category.

When the result is negative.

If you test negative, it means that there is no gene mutation that may have resulted in cancer in the long run. It is possible that there are other mutations that you might not be tested for. Even a result that is completely negative, does not mean that you are at zero risks of developing cancer.

When the result is inconclusive.

The test result is said to be inconclusive if there is not much information available related to your risks of developing specific cancer. Though you can start making healthy lifestyle changes, yet not being sure about your treatment can make you anxious. Our team will help you in the best possible way to cope up with the situation and also suggest any further investigations that might help you.

When the result is the variance of unknown or uncertain significance.

This happens when a person has an unusual variant of a gene but it is not clear if the mutation is cancerous. In some cases, this might be completely normal, in others, it may call for the need for further investigation.

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