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Cancer Screening Programs

Our cancer screening programmes aim at early evaluation and assessment of the risks of various cancers in the target group. These involve a series of tests, all of which are performed by immensely trained experts. These programmes are specially curated in accordance with the age of the patients and their gender.

Various tests offered in our cancer screening programme include:

  • Low-dose helical computed tomography – This is done to screen a patient for the risks of lung cancer. The test is highly recommended to heavy smokers lying in the age group of 55 to 74 years.
  • Mammography – This test is done to screen the patient for the risks of breast cancer and is usually recommended to patients lying in the age group of 40 to 74 years.
  • Pap test and human papillomavirus (HPV) testing – Often done in combination with other tests, these can help in the early detection of cervical cancer. It is highly recommended to females lying in the age group of 21 to 65 years.
  • Alpha-fetoprotein blood test – It is often done with liver ultrasound to evaluate the risks of developing liver cancer.
  • Breast MRI – It is an imaging test recommended to women who carry an unhealthy mutation in the BRCA1 gene or the BRCA2 gene as they tend to be at higher risks of developing breast cancer.
  • CA-125 test – It is often done along with transvaginal ultrasound to detect and evaluate the risks of ovarian cancer. The test also helps to evaluate the risks of recurrence of the cancer.
  • Clinical breast exams and regular breast self-exams – This is recommended to women who have an unusual mass or lump development in the breasts.
  • PSA test – PSA stands for Prostate Specific Antigen. It is blood test, usually done with a digital rectal exam, to detect prostate cancer at an early stage.

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