Who are we?

We are a newly formed digital system and as we grow, we will continue to add cancer care services. Currently, we offer a caring hand to those currently diagnosed with cancer and those that are interested in cancer prevention.  All this delivered to you through our expert cancer tumor board team.

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Why choose us?

From complex cancer treatments to everyday wellness and preventive medicine, at Cancer Tumor Board we put you first in everything we do, every day. Surviving cancer takes a whole team, a positive attitude and a tremendous amount of research. After seeing so many cancer patients and caregivers strive to live a comfortable life, we established a team to lend a hand in escaping this debilitating illness at our center, where you and your caregiver can connect, and learn how to develop your team to live a better quality of life.

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Save money & time

Our patients have saved 20-35% travel costs, several kilometers of travel to major cities, and 3 - 5 days in wait times at specialty hospitals.

What do we do?

Cancer Tumor Board aims to focus on the proven benefits of bringing together a multidisciplinary oncology team to make treatment decisions. Using an advanced platform, complex clinical cases in cancer are presented to peers with expertise and experience in oncology to help the patient getting the best care.
  • We have a team of experienced cancer experts on our panel
  • Our oncologists on panel are trained at top cancer institutes in India & abroad

After verification of reports, you can connect with our cancer specialists

  • We will answer each and every query regarding cancer & its treatment.
  • Our Oncologists will explain even the minute details of the care plan with you.
  • Discuss the dos & donts of Covid 19 for the cancer patients.
  • A 15-minute call can be further extended as per your query.

Book consultation with top oncologists on our panel

Book the relevant tests online at very nominal rates. We are in a panel with more than 1000 top diagnostic centers in India.

Our Experts

Our world-renowned experts treat a wide gamut of cancers. They have access to advanced technologies and treatments. Our team will be able to give you the best care and attention, whenever your need.

Not sure about the treatment plan?
Connect with our care manager and they will guide you to get the best cancer care from diagnosis and treatment, to support and beyond.

How Cancer Tumor Board is helpful to you?


Get the opinion from the best team of oncologists.


We believe in saving your precious time


A Treatment & care guidebook that is tailored for your needs.


Dedicated care managers to help you in the journey from diagnosis to treatment.


You will receive your treatment & care plan after the verification of the reports with the panel of our oncologists.

Important facts you need to know about various cancers

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