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Second Opinion

Know what our expert panel thinks

Why Zeeva’s Expert opinion matter?

At Zeeva Oncology, our team is comitted to offering an expert perspective, backed by evidence-based research, thorough analysis and years of clinical excellence, to assess the authenticity of your suggested diagnosis and treatment.

Cancer tumour board

Zeeva’s Cancer tumour board allows an exchange of multidisciplinary and comprehensive oncological opinions between the elite web of nationally and internationally acclaimed cancer specialists. It is a brain trust of experts, sharing their views and bringing together years of knowledge and experience, to curate the most reliable and authoritative opinions.

Research-based treatments

We device our treatments with strict adherence to advanced scientific principles and aim at revolutionizing cancer care with innovation. All our treament plans and protocols are backed by years of research, making the centre a pedigree of advanced cancer treatment.

Strict protocols

Zeeva oncology team adheres to very stringent protocols when it comes to the quality of treatment and care. Dealing with cancer can be overwhelming, and we seasmlessly thrive to make the journey as hassle-free as possible. With constant guidance and support on every step and patient centric approach ensuring the highest levels of compassion, we make sure that every protocol is followed in the best possible way.

How Zeeva’s Second Opinion Program works?

Get reassured about your treatment with the best care.


Discuss your suggested diagnosis and treatment plan with our experts for an opinion backed by comprehensive and multi-discplinary clinical excellence.


Get your reports, diagnosis and suggested treatment plan assessed by an expert panel of leading cancer specialists.


Get a reliable validation on your current diagnosis with further diagnosis and evaluation


Device out a new treatment plan, tailored precisely to suit your specific requirements, and complimented by Zeeva’s state of the art modalities.

In Cancer, A Reliable
Second Opinion Matters

Consult us to get a comprehensive analysis that offers a new perspective on suggested diagnosis and treatment.

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